Born in Lowicz, Poland
I early discovered my passion for art specially for photography
So I began by the age of 16 (2009) to make pictures first for my passion,
 but then it became my obsession - three years later (2012),
I also discovered filming, and also started videos and became a professional videographer.

Since 2016 I also made my Passion a Business and company’s started to book me.
2018 I startet as a content creator and one year later I started also to create concepts for businesses.
Quick and funny part of my love I also studied sport and health management and worked in a kindergarden.
My languages are German, englisch, polish and French
The IT-Skills are based on Microsoft Office, adobe Lightroom, premiere pro and photoshop.
Partners i worked for 
 Tunecore, JD Sports, Puma, Streetlife international, soundbooks, Die Grünen
robert Andrich (bayer leverkusen), Noah okafor (fc redbull salzburg), Milos veljkovic (werder bremen)
albix, Nura, bhz, eugene boateng
If you wanna know more ……
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